• Customer satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Business partner satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Employees satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Brand awareness, identity and image studies
  • Product image studies
  • Pricing studies
  • Name tests and packaging tests
  • Advertising and concepts tests
  • Advertising campaign effectiveness studies
  • Distribution studies
  • Competition studies
  • Segmentation studies
  • Studies of consumer habits in the use and purchase of products and brands
  • Product and brand positioning studies
  • Press readers’ preferences Surveys

The basis for this constitute computerized, conducted by telephone interviews (CATI), that combine a high number of cases with consistent data quality.

For larger studies, where high numbers of cases are needed in a short time, it is possible for us to add more than 100 interviewers selected service partners to our live system. VSB Spain S.L. has tailored this technology to the needs of high-quality research with first class sample.

Call Centers in other countries are so connected in international studies and controlled centrally, with the same standards, the same quality control and management of the same sample. Centralized control of the interviewer, centralized and decentralized monitoring and continuous monitoring of the current status of the work in each participating center are possible. Studies in many languages are therefore placed centrally, centrally coordinated and quality controlled centrally and locally.

Further conventional survey methods of online surveys and face-to-face interviews, we offer in conjunction with our field and service partners.